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    Before we go on talking about interracial relationships in Australia, we should first try to understand the concept wholly, without having any misconceptions. The term interracial relationship is used for people who belong to different racial groups or have a mixed descent, and date or have a relationship between themselves.

    What is important for us to know is that a person may be different from you in terms of race and that person can have a mixed racial history. Most of us just assume that a person looks a particular way because of the influence of one race.

    However, the truth is a person can have parents who themselves are from two or more different races. For instance, someone who has a Jewish father and an African mother, will have a mixed racial background.


    Even after the influence of a lot of racism, we have found that people do date across races in Australia. A lot of people even go to the extent of saying that Australians in general, maintain racial prejudices but the numbers of interracial couples are on the rise.

    Main city hubs like Melbourne or Sydney will let you see a lot of interracial couples. There are Filipino and Chinese women who live there and are married to men who are white. There are men from Sri Lanka as well, who are married to women that are white. This shows that interracial couples are not that difficult to find when it comes to the Australian context.

    You will also find families that are large or joint families which have people of different color. Apart from this, the family members also follow different faiths and they seem to exist in harmony. So, there are people who got into a relationship with people from different races and procreated, resulting in having babies who look very different from their ancestors. There might be families in Australia where they will have only a single white child.

    Interracial couples also said that they are not stared at when they go out today, as much as they would be stared at, a couple of decades back. There was a survey that was done in the year 2006 which stated that 30% of the entire couples of Australia have partners who are from other ethnic backgrounds.

    Whatever statistics we provide or get to know, none of that is enough to prepare you to deal with any bias that you will face as an interracial couple. All knowledge that you have in this field will have to be judged in light of the present racial scenario not only in Australia, but also in the whole world.

    There is both a growing acceptance by people from all quarters and also resistance from people who think that this practice is immoral. To take a view of both the sides will put you in an advantageous position where you will know your situation better and handle things with ease and expertise.

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