• 4 Great Qualities of Black Men for White Women Posted by Admin

    Are you a white woman who’s always wanted to date a black man but just never had the opportunity? Why not test fate and just look for an opportunity? Like say, an color dating app. Or even just talking to an attractive black man that you notice walking around one day. That’s how simple it is to start a conversation and see if there’s any dating potential there.

    In fact, you might be surprised at how much fun it is to start a conversation with a new friend and arrange for a date. Best of all, you can even search for the interracial crush of your dreams by doing an online search. Why settle for someone you’re not attracted to? Why not follow your heart and see how you feel and react to a black man in the area?

    Here are five qualities that make black men exceptional dates for white women.

    1.Black men are novel to a white woman who has never known someone outside of her own race.

    You might have a natural curiosity, ori might be excited at the idea of dating someone wild and confident. Either way, a lot of white women are attracted to black men because they’ve never tried interracial dating. Maybe that sounds like you!

    2.Black men do seem to love their mothers, so it’s very likely that if you capture his heart he will be a good family man.

    Don’t buy into the stereotype that all black men lack father figures. It’s not always true. There are plenty of black men that come from a good family and have respect for women. In these cases, these men are honorable and always tend to put family first.

    3.Black men love to have fun!

    Of course this is usually a truth about all guys. All guys have their own definition of fun. But who can deny that black men make the most of every occasion and love to celebrate life? Some black men love sports, playing and watching, others love entertainment or music. Some like to dance and sing, while others love going out to eat and watching a movie. All men love to have fun, true...but let’s face it, black men always have “soul” and many white women find their enthusiasm for life very charming.

    4.Some black men really crush on white girl. It’s so much more fun to date someone who’s very attracted to you!

    Black men who are attracted to white women are eager to please and you can definitely feel their heart is in it. While some men are just “attracted” generally or politely, it’s always nice when you can sense a black man is gaga over you and dreams about dating someone like you. Enjoy that dynamic. Be enthusiastic towards him. Reward him with attention and compliments when he works hard to get your attention. Remember, black guys love a woman who’s affectionate and kind but also who challenges them a little bit.

    As you can see, the issue is just how much you’re willing to do to go outside of your comfort zone and meet someone new. Why not give someone you like, or think is cute, a chance to be a serious boyfriend? You won’t regret trying. You will only regret missed opportunities.

  • Some Myths Around Dating Outside Your Race Posted by Admin

    There is a lot of support for people going into relationships with people from another race these days particularly from people born in this 21st century. However, a good number of these people are not really experienced in dating people that are from another race and this gives room for stereotypes. There are some beliefs that exist regarding this kind of relationship that is not particularly true. The points below are some of the myths that are part of the things that stop interracial dating from flourishing as it should.

    If You Date a Black Person, It Means You Are Not Racist

    Deciding to go into a relationship with a man or lady with black origin does not make you immune from racist accusations. Racism is sadly really common in the society these days and the fact that you are with someone from other race does not give you the liberty to slander the person’s race believing that you will not be seen as a racist because you are close to someone from that race. You should also not overlook the racist treatment your partner receives from people from your race.

    Black Men Avoid Black Women

    Men of colour that decide to go into relationships with white women should not be seen as people that hate black women. There is a belief that black women can be a lot to handle and are too hot-tempered for men to deal with. Also, some other set of people believe that white women are, in general, more good-looking than black women. The fact that this belief exists does not mean every black man is guilty of thinking that way.

    A Person’s Racial Background Does Not Matter as Long as You Have Love for Them

    As much as this thought is nice to keep in mind, the fact that strangers can decide to be rude to interracial couples for no reason should not be overlooked. Lovers are going to have heated conversations about their different views on certain important topics and this will be down to their difference in race and cultural background. Families and friends of both partners will most likely show disapproval of relationships across different races.

    These issues will arise over the course of the relationship for sure and even though love is blind, there are just some things that can’t be overlooked. Make an effort to counter these challenges and don’t think love will solve everything.

    Black Men Want Their White Girlfriends to Be “Hood”

    If you are thinking of dating a man of colour, you should do away with the assumption that they want to just be like black women in the hood that people see in movies. Don’t start planning to make Trap your favourite genre of music. You don’t have to learn how to speak African-American Vernacular English. Be yourself, it is literally not difficult. If you try too hard to be black it will be obvious and annoying and nobody like that.

  • Why Black Men Should Date White Women Posted by Admin

    There are numerous reasons why we should go into interracial relationships; however, in America, it is rare to see Black Men dating White Women. The reason why there are few Black Men and White Women relationships is basically because of stereotypes and racism. While Black Men view White Women as petty and insecure, White Women see Black Men as violent with criminal tendencies. Nevertheless, if we can look beyond these stereotypes, we will discover that as a Black Man, dating a White Woman is incredible. Are you looking scared of going into an interracial relationship? Here are some reasons that might convince you:

    White Women are Romantic

    Are you looking for a relationship spiced with lots of romance, then you should give dating a white woman a trial. White Women are the perfect definition of romance; they have an idealistic picture of what a romantic relationship should be, to a White Woman dating involves lots of; public display of attention, romantic dinners, picnics, and vacations. She is engrossed by what Hollywood displays in movies.

    They Love Commitment

    White Women are fully committed in their relationships; they give their all in and are ready to make sacrifices. So if you are looking for a spouse who is committed, you can start by dating a White Woman. She is also loyal and honest, and all she is expecting from you is an equal level of commitment.

    White women are not nags

    Being brought up in environments that seem to be far away from the violence in black "hoods" and being among the "privileged" race, white women tend to have a milder response to emotional attacks.

    This might be quite arguable, but from the opinion of various black men that have dated white women ever, it is quite clear that white women may have other issues, but nagging is not one.

    White women are more sexually adventurous

    As banal as this may sound, White women, are more sexually adventurous than Black women. White women will do things in the bed that most Black women will not. The White woman can fulfill all your fantasies without complaint and make it her business to be your little sex freak and keep you happy. A White Woman is not sexually selfish and is willing to be sexually open. They are adventurous and experiment sexually.

    They Understand

    An average White Woman is rational in the way she thinks, so if there's an issue between you, she tends to understand, she tries to be on the same page with you. Please don't take her understanding nature to be a weakness because as much as she can understand, she has a breaking point.

    As a Black Man, there is no reason to be scared of dating a White Woman, it has its challenges, but which relationship doesn't have challenges? Dating a White Woman is easy if you understand her; once you do, you'll find out that she is not different from every other woman.

  • Why Are Black Men Attracted to White Women? Posted by Admin

    In the United States, Black men have been getting married to people outside their race. Black men are interested in interracial dating that more than men from all other races combined. It is only normal to wonder why they do this when black women are there for the taking. Celebrities are guilty of doing this too. Men of colour generally just want to be involved with white women, maybe this is a way to make themselves stop being regarded as a minority in American society and get accepted by the whites. Throughout American history, black men have been the most racially profiled when compared to men from other races so it is only natural for them to want to break out of this bracket. They seem to be trying hard to change their status in society in the eyes of the white majority.

    The higher the level of success men of colour attain, whether in their careers, financially or materially, the more they seem to want to be treated as good or perceived as equal to the whites. So they subconsciously or consciously imitate the major moves white men make in their lives to measure up but no matter how well they mirror these actions, men of colour can't just seem to shake the feeling that they are an inferior race from their minds. To help with this, a tactic they use is to make an effort to date or marry a white woman so as to slowly be accepted and gain validation in the eyes of the white majority.

    Even though having a wife of white origin is not enough to make black men become integrated into white society, they still take pride in the fact that they are able to attract and get married to someone from the white majority. This feeling of low self-esteem came about as a result of being mistreated and being seen as an outcast for most of the life of the average black man.

    The same way reasons can be put out as to why black men go for these white women, it is also believed that white women have socioeconomic reasons for being in relationships with men of black origin. A study showed that about 98 percent of white women date or marry black men for financial reasons. They consider successful black men as nothing more than a lottery ticket and the men do not seem to notice this partly because of their insecurities. The white women that are married to black celebrities are most likely not going to be with them in the first place if they were not rich. To test this theory, think about the number of successful and rich white women that are married to poor black men. They won't amount to much if they even exist at all.

    In conclusion, interracial relationships between black men and white women typically arise from the need of the men to "belong" to the white majority and also the financial benefit the women stand to gain from it.

  • Four Things Each Partner Should Know About Interracial Dating Posted by Admin

    When you’re dating someone of a different race, you end up dating the things, people and events that took a part in molding them. This includes their race and culture.

    Though dating a race different than your own may come with added challenges, an open heart and wide eyes are going to help you face any challenge together and come through the other side much stronger.

    Even if you’ve been dating for a few weeks or a couple months, there are a few things you’ll learn.

    Your Interracial Relationships Needs a Rock Solid Foundation

    Naysayers, family opinions and the pressures of society are going to make themselves known, and your relationship has to be tight enough that these things don’t put a wedge between you.

    Talk through things as a team, so that you feel you are in it together. This creates the feeling that you can handle whatever is thrown your way from the outside world together as a couple.

    Having a strong connection with no trust issues helps you give each other the benefit of the doubt when one of you says something that may be culturally insensitive. You can talk about the remark, learn from it and move on without wondering about your partner’s motivations or any resentment building up.

    Get Ready to Talk About Race a Lot… So Get Comfortable with It

    The biggest thing to remember is that silence is the real enemy. The same way you’d ask your significant other about their feelings on pizza toppings, having kids or where to live, you should understand how they approach racial issues.

    When getting to know a new partner, one way to begin is to include questions asking whether they’re friend circle is diverse or if they went to a diverse school. Asking if they’ve ever dated outside of their race and how their family reacted is another good question.

    Don’t Use Your Partner’s Race to Make Assumptions about Them

    This may seem obvious to some people, but it’s worth noting because every single person holds stereotypes, no matter how enlightened we believe we are.

    Racial groups are not homogenous. Some Latinas support DACA and others don’t. Some African Americans support Black Lives Matter and some do not. Don’t assume you know how they feel about anything. You don’t have to agree about everything, but you should know where each other stand on an issue and try to see things from the other’s perspective.

    Knowing Others in Interracial Relationships is Helpful

    Will your partner support you when if you face racism? Will they be able to understand your experience as an immigrant? It’s easy to let unfounded fears get to you.

    Finding other interracial couples in loving and respectful relationships, whether through your social circle, social networking or YouTube videos provide emotional support. Seeing how much they’ve had to work for their relationship and the resulting happiness will help you understand that you both can do the same.

    Only seeing differences can rip anyone apart. Understanding each other and how your experiences have both made you who you are will bring you together.