• Why Are Black Men Attracted to White Women? Posted by Admin

    In the United States, Black men have been getting married to people outside their race. Black men are interested in interracial dating that more than men from all other races combined. It is only normal to wonder why they do this when black women are there for the taking. Celebrities are guilty of doing this too. Men of colour generally just want to be involved with white women, maybe this is a way to make themselves stop being regarded as a minority in American society and get accepted by the whites. Throughout American history, black men have been the most racially profiled when compared to men from other races so it is only natural for them to want to break out of this bracket. They seem to be trying hard to change their status in society in the eyes of the white majority.

    The higher the level of success men of colour attain, whether in their careers, financially or materially, the more they seem to want to be treated as good or perceived as equal to the whites. So they subconsciously or consciously imitate the major moves white men make in their lives to measure up but no matter how well they mirror these actions, men of colour can't just seem to shake the feeling that they are an inferior race from their minds. To help with this, a tactic they use is to make an effort to date or marry a white woman so as to slowly be accepted and gain validation in the eyes of the white majority.

    Even though having a wife of white origin is not enough to make black men become integrated into white society, they still take pride in the fact that they are able to attract and get married to someone from the white majority. This feeling of low self-esteem came about as a result of being mistreated and being seen as an outcast for most of the life of the average black man.

    The same way reasons can be put out as to why black men go for these white women, it is also believed that white women have socioeconomic reasons for being in relationships with men of black origin. A study showed that about 98 percent of white women date or marry black men for financial reasons. They consider successful black men as nothing more than a lottery ticket and the men do not seem to notice this partly because of their insecurities. The white women that are married to black celebrities are most likely not going to be with them in the first place if they were not rich. To test this theory, think about the number of successful and rich white women that are married to poor black men. They won't amount to much if they even exist at all.

    In conclusion, interracial relationships between black men and white women typically arise from the need of the men to "belong" to the white majority and also the financial benefit the women stand to gain from it.

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