• Ways a rich white husband can keep his black wife happy Posted by Admin

    The reality of being married to someone sets in after the church bells and honey mood period are over. Life after marriage is certainly different from life before marriage and it is the duty of the husband to make his wife happy and as the expression goes “happy wife, happy life”. Below are a few interracial dating tips that a rich white husband can adopt to keep his missus happy.

    1. Communicate with her: Communication is the key to making every marriage work and your wife wants to feel included in your life. Take some time to speak to her about work and how her day went. Something this small can make a huge difference because it shows there is a level of transparency in the marriage and the floor is open to speaking about anything.

    2. Shower her with compliments: While some white husbands are natural when it comes to giving compliments, others can find this very difficult. The best way is to take a step back, notice what is attractive about your black wife, lean over, give a kiss and tell her how much you admire her.

    3. Help out with the house chores: Cleaning is not a quality that men are good at but a husband who takes a load off his wife and does some of the house chores for her is a keeper. Try to do simple things like washing the dishes after dinner, cleaning up after yourself and doing the laundry. These will certainly give your wife some rest and know that you care about her so much and you don't see her as the maid.

    4. Put down the toilet seat after using it: When a woman has to do a number one, she has to sit down on the toilet rather than stand up as men do. Leaving the toilet seat up can be very annoying for women and if you want to make your wife happy long term, always leave the toilet sit down because if she wants to pee in the middle of the night, the last thing she wants is to sit on a cold toilet seats.

    5. Be punctual: No one likes to be kept waiting and if you arranged a dinner date or romantic evening with your wife and are running let, let her know in advance. This shows you have a lot of care and respect for her rather than keeping her waiting and wondering where you are while knowing full well you are running late.

    6. Listen to your black wife to keep your good interracial relationship: You have to truly listen to what your wife has to say even if it is a topic that does interest you. Nodding your head and pretending to listen to your wife is very disrespectful and can cause issues if it is a serious matter. Drop everything you are doing at that very moment and lend her your ears. She will feel loved knowing you listen to what she is saying and that she doesn't talk to a brick wall.

    7. Surprise her with a gift: If she is working late, buy your wife someone flowers and chocolate so that she sees them when she gets home. Something so unexpected like that will truly show her that you think of her and you miss her when she is not around.

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