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    There is a lot of support for people going into relationships with people from another race these days particularly from people born in this 21st century. However, a good number of these people are not really experienced in dating people that are from another race and this gives room for stereotypes. There are some beliefs that exist regarding this kind of relationship that is not particularly true. The points below are some of the myths that are part of the things that stop interracial dating from flourishing as it should.

    If You Date a Black Person, It Means You Are Not Racist

    Deciding to go into a relationship with a man or lady with black origin does not make you immune from racist accusations. Racism is sadly really common in the society these days and the fact that you are with someone from other race does not give you the liberty to slander the person’s race believing that you will not be seen as a racist because you are close to someone from that race. You should also not overlook the racist treatment your partner receives from people from your race.

    Black Men Avoid Black Women

    Men of colour that decide to go into relationships with white women should not be seen as people that hate black women. There is a belief that black women can be a lot to handle and are too hot-tempered for men to deal with. Also, some other set of people believe that white women are, in general, more good-looking than black women. The fact that this belief exists does not mean every black man is guilty of thinking that way.

    A Person’s Racial Background Does Not Matter as Long as You Have Love for Them

    As much as this thought is nice to keep in mind, the fact that strangers can decide to be rude to interracial couples for no reason should not be overlooked. Lovers are going to have heated conversations about their different views on certain important topics and this will be down to their difference in race and cultural background. Families and friends of both partners will most likely show disapproval of relationships across different races.

    These issues will arise over the course of the relationship for sure and even though love is blind, there are just some things that can’t be overlooked. Make an effort to counter these challenges and don’t think love will solve everything.

    Black Men Want Their White Girlfriends to Be “Hood”

    If you are thinking of dating a man of colour, you should do away with the assumption that they want to just be like black women in the hood that people see in movies. Don’t start planning to make Trap your favourite genre of music. You don’t have to learn how to speak African-American Vernacular English. Be yourself, it is literally not difficult. If you try too hard to be black it will be obvious and annoying and nobody like that.

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