• Ways a rich white husband can keep his black wife happy Posted by Admin

    The reality of being married to someone sets in after the church bells and honey mood period are over. Life after marriage is certainly different from life before marriage and it is the duty of the husband to make his wife happy and as the expression goes “happy wife, happy life”. Below are a few interracial dating tips that a rich white husband can adopt to keep his missus happy.

    1. Communicate with her: Communication is the key to making every marriage work and your wife wants to feel included in your life. Take some time to speak to her about work and how her day went. Something this small can make a huge difference because it shows there is a level of transparency in the marriage and the floor is open to speaking about anything.

    2. Shower her with compliments: While some white husbands are natural when it comes to giving compliments, others can find this very difficult. The best way is to take a step back, notice what is attractive about your black wife, lean over, give a kiss and tell her how much you admire her.

    3. Help out with the house chores: Cleaning is not a quality that men are good at but a husband who takes a load off his wife and does some of the house chores for her is a keeper. Try to do simple things like washing the dishes after dinner, cleaning up after yourself and doing the laundry. These will certainly give your wife some rest and know that you care about her so much and you don't see her as the maid.

    4. Put down the toilet seat after using it: When a woman has to do a number one, she has to sit down on the toilet rather than stand up as men do. Leaving the toilet seat up can be very annoying for women and if you want to make your wife happy long term, always leave the toilet sit down because if she wants to pee in the middle of the night, the last thing she wants is to sit on a cold toilet seats.

    5. Be punctual: No one likes to be kept waiting and if you arranged a dinner date or romantic evening with your wife and are running let, let her know in advance. This shows you have a lot of care and respect for her rather than keeping her waiting and wondering where you are while knowing full well you are running late.

    6. Listen to your black wife to keep your good interracial relationship: You have to truly listen to what your wife has to say even if it is a topic that does interest you. Nodding your head and pretending to listen to your wife is very disrespectful and can cause issues if it is a serious matter. Drop everything you are doing at that very moment and lend her your ears. She will feel loved knowing you listen to what she is saying and that she doesn't talk to a brick wall.

    7. Surprise her with a gift: If she is working late, buy your wife someone flowers and chocolate so that she sees them when she gets home. Something so unexpected like that will truly show her that you think of her and you miss her when she is not around.

  • Are Interracial Relationships Common In Australia? Posted by Admin

    Before we go on talking about interracial relationships in Australia, we should first try to understand the concept wholly, without having any misconceptions. The term interracial relationship is used for people who belong to different racial groups or have a mixed descent, and date or have a relationship between themselves.

    What is important for us to know is that a person may be different from you in terms of race and that person can have a mixed racial history. Most of us just assume that a person looks a particular way because of the influence of one race.

    However, the truth is a person can have parents who themselves are from two or more different races. For instance, someone who has a Jewish father and an African mother, will have a mixed racial background.


    Even after the influence of a lot of racism, we have found that people do date across races in Australia. A lot of people even go to the extent of saying that Australians in general, maintain racial prejudices but the numbers of interracial couples are on the rise.

    Main city hubs like Melbourne or Sydney will let you see a lot of interracial couples. There are Filipino and Chinese women who live there and are married to men who are white. There are men from Sri Lanka as well, who are married to women that are white. This shows that interracial couples are not that difficult to find when it comes to the Australian context.

    You will also find families that are large or joint families which have people of different color. Apart from this, the family members also follow different faiths and they seem to exist in harmony. So, there are people who got into a relationship with people from different races and procreated, resulting in having babies who look very different from their ancestors. There might be families in Australia where they will have only a single white child.

    Interracial couples also said that they are not stared at when they go out today, as much as they would be stared at, a couple of decades back. There was a survey that was done in the year 2006 which stated that 30% of the entire couples of Australia have partners who are from other ethnic backgrounds.

    Whatever statistics we provide or get to know, none of that is enough to prepare you to deal with any bias that you will face as an interracial couple. All knowledge that you have in this field will have to be judged in light of the present racial scenario not only in Australia, but also in the whole world.

    There is both a growing acceptance by people from all quarters and also resistance from people who think that this practice is immoral. To take a view of both the sides will put you in an advantageous position where you will know your situation better and handle things with ease and expertise.

  • Romantic Interracial Couple date ideas in London Posted by Admin

    London is a great city filled with vibrant attractions fill with interracial dating. London is a center for arts with one of the best entertainment spots offering great nightlife, the city also has one of the most culturally mixed cultures in the world. From the famous Tower of London and Tower Bridge, to the history museums there are plenty of places you can explore with your date in this great city.

    England's capital has a highly integrated ethnic mix and no-one turns their head to watch a mixed race couple as it is just normal occurrence. The attitude is generally to live and let live. It also helps that there is a large population in London from multiracial families.

    Picnic Date Ideas

    London has a number of beautiful parks that you can actually have a sandwich and drug while you enjoy a warm summer. Parks are great for interracial couples as you can engage in plenty of fun activities without a lot fuss. Race Pedalos and ride horses at Hyde park with your date as you get to know each other better, if you prefer an outdoors setting parks like Primrose Hill and Hampstead Heath, offer a serene environment for the perfect date. Deer spotting is popular in Richmond Park.

    Tower of London

    A great date interracial idea especially for someone who has never visited London is visiting the Tower of London. It is one of Britain's most famous landmarks with the historic Crown Jewels Tower houses. Other than the rich history the Tower of London has a great view of the Thames River. The best times to visit are around evening.



    London has amazing cinemas that deliver superb cinematic experience for movie goers. From outdoor screens, to luxurious indoor settings, the cinema is a great place for taking your interracial partner out for a date.

    There are several picturehouses around the capital with the most famous one including Electric Cinema, Picturehouse Central Rooftop Film Club, Regent Street Cinema and the Prince Charles Soho which features sing-along-screening. In case you are the mood to see a ballet or a classic romantic opera, go down with your date at the at the magnificent Royal Opera House


    When it comes to cuisine and fine dining, London has a myriad of choices. Most restaurants provide breathtaking views from rooftops as customers dine on refined dishes from all over the world. Food served ranges from local British cuisine, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Peru, Texan, Thai and pretty much any preference you may have. Aged, fine wine can be found in most restaurants which make the evening interracial date run smoothly as it should. London's restaurants are known have attentive and polite waiters who serve customers with the professionalism.

    Tea and Houses

    The English love their tea-that is not in doubt. London has thousands of establishments that offer the best tea and coffee . Explore with your date London's large collections of teas from around the world that go well with savory pastries.

  • BLACK WHITE DATING: 4 Actions to take if he is still speaking to his ex Posted by Admin

    Nothing is more disturbing than knowing that your boyfriend has been secretly speaking to their ex behind your back. This is uncomfortable and weird and can make you feel like calling it quits as far as the biracial relationship is concerned, however, there are a few actions that you can take that might save the relationship.

    1. Confront him regarding the situation and tell him how you honestly feel

    Do not sugar coat anything because this is a very serious matter. Tell him how much this is bothering you and making you feel. Don't put the full blame on him because there could be a logical reason he is speaking with an ex. Get to the bottom of it, understand what is going on by confronting him in a way that is respectful without losing your rag. It will make him open up more about what is really happening instead of bending the truth. Being aggressive will only make him have his guard up and keep his cards close to his chest which will not the situation at all.

    2. Understand why there is a dialogue with his ex

    This goes hand in hand with the point above and it is not out of the ordinary for two people who once dated to remain close friends. Even though there is this firm believe that people of the opposite sex cannot be friends but there are people out there who are exactly that, friends.

    3. Look into the length of time its been since their break up

    The length of time it has been since their break up is very important because you want to know things like how long it's been, whether it was before he met you, if they still have feelings for each other or are they just friends. You will get all the answers to the questions you have in your head by knowing the length of time its been since their break up. If it has been a month for example since their break then that will raise a few red flags because you will be wondering if they broke up because of you. If you are feeling uneasy about the whole situation and want answers, confront him away from his ex and hear his side of the story. The last thing you want is to get into a car fight with his ex-lover. Just like the point mentioned above, be calm in your approach as that is the only way he will open up to you and be frank. Any form of aggression on your end will not get any truthful answers from him.

    4. If you feel yourself getting upset or angry, take a moment to cool off

    When you play the super spy on him and uncover things that you are not happy with, just take a few moments to cool off. Try to get to the bottom of what is really going on before you respond to him or react. Give him a chance to explain because sometimes things are not always as they seem. If he is sending his ex flirt messages or nudes, on the other hand, walk away from the interracial relationship and spare yourself the heartache.

  • Facts that you should know about interracial dating in the UK Posted by Admin

    With the development and advancement of technology, the barriers and distance between people are easily diminished if one wants them to. Globalization has taught us that people of all cultures, races, and communities can be brought together to form a world, which strives towards a global culture.

    In such times, finding someone who fits into your role of the perfect partner might not be so difficult with the host of choices you are offered. A lot of people want to have a relationship across racial boundaries to have a healthy intermixing of cultures, languages, and outlooks. For this purpose, there are many website portals, which offer you a healthy space and congenial environment to find the ideal partner you need across countries.


    Although a lot of people steer clear of interracial relationships because of the many differences between partners, there are a good many reasons, which might make you rethink. Here are some of them:

    1. You will discover a whole new world where traditions, customs, language, food, clothing, etc. all might be poles apart from what you have seen when you were growing up. This will give you a big exposure and make you see how far and wide the world goes.

    2. If you are someone who loves to learn new languages, interracial dating might give you a boost in that domain. The times that you spend with your partner will be better if you both can speak the languages. So, this might actually be a good chance for you to learn a foreign language.

    3. A lot of people have interracial relationships because they believe that kids born out of such a relationship are usually very attractive. While this is a very personal choice, we suggest you go for it if you think along similar lines.


    The downside of interracial dating is also something that you should definitely think about before you invest in a relationship with someone who is not of your race in the United Kingdom. Here are a few disadvantages of interracial dating in the UK:

    1. Let us not forget the dark and violent history that racism has. Even today, after all these years of struggle, we cannot say that inherent racism has been totally wiped out. If you plan to have an interracial relationship in the United Kingdom, then you have to be mentally prepared to face the backlash of a very conservative part of society. If you think you can handle that sort of pressure, well, then Bravo! Go ahead.

    2. If you end up marrying a person from another race, then you might want to have kids who might have features that will define their interracial identity. As a parent of a child who is born out of an interracial marriage, you will have to be very careful in the way your child is brought up. A lot of social pressure may follow but you have to stay strong with your spouse and teach the same strength to your kids.

    3. Being from different races, you and your partner might end up trying to meet somewhere in between where the differences between you dissolve. This is one of the most pressing concerns of people who go for interracial dating in the UK.

    We have just listed some good and bad facts interracial dating, which will help you understand the concept better. But then, we do not always plan how we fall in love, do we? Once and if this happens, we have our best wishes with you.